Anesthesiology and critical care medicine nr.2



The Main Reasearch areas of the Department:

  1. Methods of anesthesia and intensive therapy in transplant surgery.
  2. Intensive multimodal therapy in correction of disbalanced homeostasis in patients with MODS.
  3. Improvement of national algorithms and national clinical protocols according to current requirements in anesthesia and reanimathology in order to improve the security of a patient in critical state.

Cuşnir Olga–“Optimizing multimodal diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary thromboembolism in surgical patients” MD thesis, Chisinau, 2013.

Scientific problem that is dealt of  in the thesis was to make a differential diagnosis of pulmonary thrombotic complications according to clinical and laboratory features, optimization of the diagnostic algorithm and intensive care complex  therapy of pulmonary artery thromboembolism and creation of an algorithm for diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary thrombosis in surgical patients, with the the purpose of an early detection of silent forms of pulmonary thrombotic complications and reduce the frequency of lethality in surgical patients.

Coşpormac Viorica- Clinic and intensive therapy and complications of HELLP syndrome. MD thesis, Chisinau, 2012

In this work risk factors in triggering the syndrome and its complications were determined; the clinical course of HELLP syndrome and metabolic correlation between the fluid and electrolyte, acid-base and gas imbalance with the severity of HELLP syndrome in the perinatal period were specified.

Harmful effects of disseminated microangiopathy on hemostasis in patients with HELLP syndrome were shown..
The results showed that HELLP syndrome develops frequently with MODS followed by maternal death, that requires placing pregnant women in intensive care units for early detection of the syndrome. The frequency of complications of HELLP syndrome is directly proportional to the severity of infectious comorbidities and late gestation. Birth worsens relevant development and complications of HELLP syndrome.

Gheceva Oxana - Pressor effects of Izoturon in complex intensive therapy in critically ill patients. MD thesis, Chisinau, 2010.

In this thesis was widely analyzed the clinical course of shock, depending on the applied vasopressor therapy. For the first time, a comprehensive study was carried out to determine the correlation between metabolic electrolyte imbalances, acid-base and gas imbalances depending on the administered vasopressor therapy. A comparative analysis of central hemodynamics and heart rate changes was made, depending on vasopressor therapy applied in patients with hypotension. It was argued the use of Izoturon in counteracting the hypotensive syndrome in patients in critical conditions.

Clinical Centers of the Department:

  • Republican Clinical Hospital  - departments of anesthesiology, intensive care and reanimathology;
  • Municipal Clinical Hospital «Sfânta Treime» – departments of anesthesiology, intensive care and reanimathology, department of toxicology.
  • Municipal Clinical Hospital Nr. 1 – departments of anesthesiology, intensive care and reanimathology;
  • Municipal Clinical Pediatric Hospital “V. Ignatenco” – departments of anesthesiology, intensive care and reanimathology.
  • Institute of Neurolgy and Neurosurgery -  departments of anesthesiology, intensive care and reanimathology.
  • Republican Clinical Hospital of Trauma and Orthopedics – departments of anesthesiology, intensive care and reanimathology, burn centre and intensive care of the burned patient.